Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Bakehouse Brasserie


Branding / Logo


The Menin Group’s new Bakehouse Brasserie in Miami’s hip South Beach neighborhood, needed a great logo and branding strategy to help them stand out in a crowded restaurant field. The owners asked for a look inspired by the Wes Anderson movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. The result was an interpretation of a classic French cafe with a modern and whimsical approach.

Our Approach

We created a clean, bold logo, consisting of an emphatic typeface with hand drawn assets that was ornate and clean at the same time. It worked on all their different collateral to lend a sophisticated but welcoming neighborhood flair to this French-themed restaurant. We also created illustrations of restaurant icons to help support the main identity. They can be seen on all the supporting collateral from menus, bags and boxes. A refined palette of dark grey and gold foil were selected to help push the high end and exciting new look of the Menin Hospitality establishment.
1-bakehouse-LOGO.jpg 2-bakehouse-ICONS.jpg 3-bakehouse-MENU.jpg 4-bakehouse-BOX copy.jpg 5-bakehouse-PHOTO.jpg 6-bakehouse-COLLATERAL.jpg 7-bakehouse-BREAD.jpg 8-bakehouse-PHOTO.jpg